And that’s a wrap! Agile Australia 2014

That’s it folks! The sun has set on Agile Australia 2014, our biggest and best conference yet.

We were pleased to have such a diverse crowd in attendance, ranging from Agile beginners to seasoned experts. The response on Twitter and in our State of Agile and Conference Feedback survey has been very positive. We encourage all attendees to give us their honest feedback to help us make the next conference even better.

Keynote speaker Jim Benson opened the conference with a challenge to attendees to ditch canned systems and embrace disruption in their Agile processes.

He was followed by Rachel Botsman, whose eye opening keynote on Collaborative Consumption made her the most popular speaker of the conference according to the large number of attendees who cast their votes using the Confui conference app.

A number of sessions were covered on the StartupSmart Live Blog, including Larry Maccherone on measuring the impact of Agile, John Smart on behaviour driven development, John Sullivan on guerilla re-transformation, and Adel Smee on paired programming.

Presenter slides are available on the Agile Australia website, including Sandy Mamoli’s popular presentation on Portfolio Kanban. InfoQ will be releasing videos of a number of sessions from across the conference – just keep an eye on their website for more information.Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler closed Day One with a presentation on refactoring, which ended with a call to arms for programmers and developers to use their unique skills to make a positive impact on the world.

Day Two started with another double whammy, beginning with Brant Cooper‘s presentation on the lean entrepreneur in the enterprise. Jim Benson, fresh from his own lean coffee session earlier that morning gave his colleague a big tick of approval:

Brant was followed by Enyo Kumahor, who gave attendees an insight into the role technology has to play in Africa’s growth story. Together they sent a crowd of inspired Agilists off to take in their second day of the conference.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who helped to make this year’s event such a huge success. Thanks especially to the dedication of our volunteer stream chairs and reviewers, who were responsible for compiling the marvellous programme of speakers, and the advisors, whose guidance helps us to improve year on year. Thanks also to the conference sponsors ThoughtWorks, Atlassian, IBM, HP, RMIT, Commonwealth Bank and Rally, to DiUS for the free coffee, exhibitors Software Education and ContextMatters Infoready, and Lanyard sponsor Elabor8.

We look forward to seeing you all here on the Agile Australia Blog and at Agile Australia 2015 in Sydney!

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