Agile Encore is your second shot at agile inspiration

Agile Australia 2014 ranks as the most successful Agile Australia conference yet, and surely one of the most exciting and inspiring gatherings of agilists on the Australian tech calendar. Twitter was abuzz with people sharing tasty soundbites and comparing notes during the conference, and now attendees are starting to try out the approaches and processes they heard about for themselves. But what happens if you missed out?

Like the name suggests, Agile Encore gauges the applause of the Agile Australia audience to put together a program of the most popular and useful presentations for those of you who missed out. This is your opportunity to catch up on the sessions your colleagues raved about, all in one curated afternoon of agile.

Held in Sydney on 2 October 2014, Agile Encore will feature presentations from the likes of James Brett and Scott Kinder on agile and the special forces, Dipesh Pala on agile teams, and many more. You can also choose to add on a morning workshop with the founder of Nomad8, Sandy Mamoli, who will introduce you to Kanban for 1; or do a crash-course in microservices with Sam Newman, technologist at ThoughtWorks.

Find out more about Agile Encore or register now at the Earlybird price of just $150.

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