Taking the plunge: creating The Deep Dive

The AgileAus community has seen incredible growth over the past nine years. As the annual Conference has grown, ‘deep dives’ were introduced to give attendees the chance to spend extended time in a small-group format with incredible minds like research astronomer Lisa Harvey-Smith, former IBM CIO Jeff Smith, and Margarette Purvis, CEO and President of Food Bank for New York City.

The demand for this led to this year’s creation of The Deep Dive: an entirely new event experience created by the team behind Agile Australia. (You can find out more and hear from the inaugural Deep Dive attendees here).

There’s also more to it: behind The Deep Dive is an awareness of common – but difficult – problems faced by Australian leaders trying to generate organisational change.

Problem #1: We all know that most members of an organisation – especially leaders and executives – do not have time in their schedules for rethinking underlying organisational patterns and processes.

Problem #2: We also know that it’s easy to get excited by new ideas and jargon, and even easier to fail to carry that through to sustained implementation.

Problem #3: Learning and growth is supercharged by collaboration and interaction – but it’s often difficult to find opportunities for executives to share and network with their peers across industries, or to benefit from meeting innovative minds across diverse sectors and backgrounds.

boat arriving

Q Station, Manly – Location of The Deep Dive 2018

The Deep Dive is designed to solve these problems by:

  • Providing an exclusive, small group format through which delegates can work with international thought leaders
  • Asking its delegates to commit to two days out of their year for an immersive, full-on learning experience
  • Taking care of everything – accommodation, meals, pre- and post-learning materials
  • Giving C-level executives a chance to network with peers across industries and come away with inspiring new connections
  • Building on learning to ensure retention and long-term effectiveness – with a first day of interactive sessions followed by a second day of hands-on workshops
  • Choosing a space totally unlike the typical corporate backdrop – a space designed to support and inspire a change of pace and mindset

Next year, The Deep Dive returns for its second annual event, and has welcomed on-board dinner sponsor Telstra Ventures as well as three international innovators:


Steve Denning – Best known for his theories around radical management and transforming leadership, Steve is former Program Director at the World Bank and a respected Forbes.com columnist. His next book, The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies Are Transforming the Way Work Gets Done is to be published in Feb 2018.


Melissa Perri – an amazing speaker, CEO and author who is incredible at guiding companies to build valuable products that customers want.


Bjarte Bogsnes – a Senior Advisor for Scandinavia’s largest company, Statoil and Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Institute, Bjarte will draw on his international expertise in finance and HR to discuss how to achieve business agility.

The Deep Dive 2018 will run over two in-depth days from Thursday 22 – Friday 23 March 2018 at Q Station, Manly. To find out more on The Deep Dive and to register, please visit the website.

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