Explore and engage: A guide to the AgileAus 2018 learning opportunities

With sectors and industries transforming before our eyes and fresh products, new innovations and killer developments being established to rattle the proverbial cage – it’s vital that we stay in the game.

Knowledge is key, and as we grow and change, it’s beneficial to learn from local and international specialists as well as our peers who have a wealth of expertise and skills to share.

The AgileAus training workshops are a forum for curious minds to come together for hands-on training  with the best.

In 2018, AgileAus will help to update your toolkit with international pioneers and local thought leaders with a series of workshops.

March Workshops – Tuesday 20 March 2018, Cliftons, Melbourne


Steve Denning – Learn how to create new markets and dominate them with the next frontier of Agile management – check out Steve’s blog on strategic agility!


Melissa Perri – Dive into the most important areas of Product Management: strategy, identifying goals and measuring success, focusing on the user, experimenting to learn, and leading teams around a goal. Read Melissa’s blog on stakeholders, or check out her website!


Bjarte Bogsnes – Confront the problems of traditional management and go Beyond Budgeting. Have a look at Bjarte’s piece on target setting.

June Workshops – Wednesday 20 June 2018 – Cliftons, Melbourne; Friday 22 June 2018 – UNSW CBD Campus

As part of the tenth anniversary of the AgileAus Conference, a range of opportunities are available for in-depth and intense learning experiences in both Sydney and Melbourne.


Jessie Shternshus – Unlearning in progress

“In order to learn something new, we need to first get rid of – or, unlearn – something old.” Individuals must shift their habits, teams must adjust their behaviours, and organisations must update their mindsets in order to make way for new breakthroughs. Expect to have fun through interactive learning and experiential exercises.

Check out the Improv Effect!


Josh Seiden – Sense and respond: How to build and lead successful Lean practices in high growth companies

Fast paced and collaborating – combining the ideas behind the Lean Startup, Agile, Lean UX and modern management – attendees will walk away with specific frameworks for implementation to build and scale successful Lean practices.

Check out Josh’s blog for more reads on building Lean practices.


Simon Wardley – Playing chess with companies

A half-day workshop honing in on situational awareness, why it matters and why so many companies and enterprise lack it. Learn how to map a competitive environment, how to anticipate and adapt to change, and how to map strategies.

Simon has developed Wardley Maps to help improve your situational awareness.  

Find out more about 2018 AgileAus training here.

Keep a lookout in the upcoming months for blogs featuring some of AgileAus18 speakers and workshop leaders!

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