Thank goodness for Agile…

As the tenth anniversary of the AgileAus Conference approaches, we are reflecting on the lessons learned and inspiration gained over 10 eventful years.

In the spirit of the tenth year, we’d like to invite members of the community (that’s you!) to help us reflect on what Agile has helped you to build, create and learn over the past decade.

At the AgileAus Conference, the community has delved into topics such as technical debt, distributed Agile, DevOps, flavours of Agile, frameworks, estimations, mindsets and many more. Some of these topics and the challenges that go with them have matured and morphed over the years – with some more contentious or difficult to solve, and some have been left behind as other preoccupations exert their influence!

There are so many treasured memories and not-so-glamorous moments to reflect upon, but standing the test of time is the shared passion and dedication of the AgileAus community.

Hailing from across industries and states, in orgs large and small, of diverse backgrounds and perspectives – the AgileAus community is united in their curiosity, camaraderie and constant exploration of better ways of working.

AgileAus18 keynote and March workshop leader Steve Denning’s new book The Age of Agile asserts that we’re at the ‘genesis of a new age’. Along with your reflections on the past 10 years, we’d love to hear musings on what you are looking forward to and preparing for over the 10 years and beyond!

What makes you say ‘I thank goodness for Agile because…’?

If you’d like to share, please drop us a line at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!



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